Seattle, Washington, USA


Seattle is full of museums and galleries, great coffee, diverse food and surrounded by some of the most stunning views you will ever see. From kayaking on the Puget Sound, to Mount Rainier’s outline hovering over the skyline you are never far from something to do!

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by Caitlin


Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Nation, USA


Monument Valley just has to rank in the top 5 natural places to visit in the United States.  It is a must see for anyone traveling the southwest.  Pay the fee to travel the 17 mile loop in the Navajo Tribal Park.  You won’t regret it.  Just make sure your auto has good shocks because it is a dirt road with plenty of bumps and ruts.

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by Wandering Iris

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


I guess I am kinda biased since I live here in Melbourne.  But I’m a USA expat originally from sunny California.  The reasons why I love Melbourne:
1. Fabulous coffee.
2.  Great playgrounds for children.
3.  Amazing food.  Chin Chin located in the CBD is yummy.
4.  The cockatoo’s and parrots that fly by when you are walking around town.
5.  Great shopping.
6. It’s only a 20 minute car ride in any direction and you can see wild kangaroos and the rugged wild terrain.
7.  The people are friendly.
8.  It’s easy to get around without hoping in a car.  The public transportation such as a tram or a train are cheap and it’s easy to understand how the city is mapped out.
9.  Mornington Peninsula is beautiful place to go to getaway for the weekend.
10.  Bells Beach is a great place to go surfing.

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by

Vienna, Austria


Vienna, Austria is a European city that should be in your “travel wish list” if it isn’t already. I loved this city, it is brimming with culture and arts. It is stunning to look at and it has plenty to explore and experience. From palaces with vast gardens, labyrinths, and fountains that date back to the Habsburg monarchs, to the colorful, artsy and whimsical building inspired by Hundertwasser. Food, music and museums are a must-experience in this amazing city.

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by Mani (A New Life Wandering)

Koh Lanta, Thailand


Koh Lanta is like the ‘middle child’ amongst the islands of Thailand. While most are partying on Koh Penang or checking out the scenery of Phi Phi, Koh Lanta’s long stretches of beaches, caves, national parkland, rock climbing hot spots, stunning sunsets, yoga on the beach, happy hour drinks, sea gypsy villages and the old port town patiently await.  Venture to the other side and it won’t disappoint!

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by emma&lee

Rome, Italy


If you’re an ancient history geek like me then you’ll love this city. My wife and I went for the weekend (which was plenty of time to explore most sites) and found the sites mesmerising. From the Colosseum, to the Pantheon (my favourite), to the numerous Piazza’s, to the Vatican – you are spoiled for choice! Step back in time and enjoy!

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by Caleb Groeneweg


Bologna, Italy


Bologna, off the beaten track for many tourists, and so easily overlooked for Italy. It has skyrocketed to my favorite Italian city ahead of Rome or Florence. It is the city of porticos and stunning architecture, while its medieval offerings, art & artifacts are not as obvious and well know, they are equally delightful and far more accessible. What else is great, the people, they aren’t over run with dealing with the constant flow of tourists, they find us foreigners interesting and are only too keen to ensure you have a good time and get to see the best the town has to offer. Of course the food is fantastic too, but that is a given for where it is located in the heart of Italy’s food production region. GO!

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by Valentine

Petra, Jordan


One of history’s most precious jewels, Petra, is hidden in the rocky mountains of Jordan. It is truly one of the most breath taking places I have ever been too. The best part is you can make the journey as physically intense as you heart desires, you can trek the whole way for a 5 hour hike or ride a camel and or donkey handled by the local bedouins. Either way make sure you go all the way up to the Monastery to enjoy the views from the deserts and the multicolored landscape.

Enjoyment Rating: 10/10

Submitted by Journal and Wander

Paris, France


Paris is the city of lights. It’s also a perfect city for lovers. Lovers of all kind: lovers of food, lovers of art, lovers of adventure, lovers of people watching. Rent an apartment and wander around this beautiful city for a week and you too will fall in love.

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by theflavorchaser

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has over a thousand limestone islands that rise steeply from the ocean and are topped with jungle vegetation. Some of them have large, beautiful caves. All kinds of tourist boats let you explore this beautiful area.

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by Carol Mitchell