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Featured Travel Blog: Not Your Average American

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Angela (the blog’s author) has lived abroad for decades because her loved ones are in the military. Her writing, photography and general perspective on the world are rooted in a love of nature, and an appreciation for native cultures and local wildlife. This blog has a sense of respect for places that is very unique.


68 Days. 1000 Places Rated.


For the next 68 days, the team at Yonderlist has one goal: Get more reviews. More specifically, we’re aiming to get 1000 places rated by December 1st. It’s a lofty goal! We currently have ninety-four reviews, but we’re growing fast! Approximately sixty of the those reviews have come in the last thirty days. That’s two per day.

We’re also hosting a social gathering this weekend that will help us accelerate the reviews on Yonderlist. We’re calling it a 10-10-10 Party. Basically, we’re gathering ten we-traveled people, and asking them to talk travel together, and in the meantime write a review for ten places they’ve been. At the event, we’ll serve food and drink, and hopefully spark some great conversation. And as everyone leaves, we’ll thank them for participating with a hug and a $10 bill on the way out the door. We’re pretty excited about it. We’re also excited about our reviews doubling overnight.

Help us reach our goal by creating an account, and reviewing some of the places you’ve been!