Buffalo City, Arkansas, USA

BlogPhoto_BuffaloCityThe White River and the Buffalo River are both in Buffalo City.

Little known fact about this area, but probably one of the coolest (ok give me at least Top 50… No? Dang.) things you’ve ever heard, the White and Buffalo rivers actually run together at Buffalo City.

The White River is f-f-f-freezing, and in the summer the Buffalo River feels like a hot bath.

SO, when you’re boating from one river to the next, you can put your hand in the water and actually feel the exact place where the rivers meet. It’s only a matter of seconds that it takes to go from a frost-bitten hand to one that feels like it’s melting.

So don’t miss it!

This place receives negative points for accessibility and an overwhelming number of gnats in the summer.

Enjoyment Score: 8/10

Submitted by krlinck


Seattle, Washington, USA


Seattle is full of museums and galleries, great coffee, diverse food and surrounded by some of the most stunning views you will ever see. From kayaking on the Puget Sound, to Mount Rainier’s outline hovering over the skyline you are never far from something to do!

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by Caitlin

Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Nation, USA


Monument Valley just has to rank in the top 5 natural places to visit in the United States.  It is a must see for anyone traveling the southwest.  Pay the fee to travel the 17 mile loop in the Navajo Tribal Park.  You won’t regret it.  Just make sure your auto has good shocks because it is a dirt road with plenty of bumps and ruts.

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by Wandering Iris

Charlottetown, PEI, Canada


I spent 2 days in Charlottetown on my honeymoon one May, discovering quaint shoppes and great seafood, amidst landmarks rich with national heritage. It’s pretty small, so it’s not bustling with activity, but if you’re looking for a lovely place with a slower pace, Charlottetown is a breath of fresh air.

Enjoyment Score: 8/10

Submitted by Geographic Designer

Charleston, SC, United States


Charleston is a great place to visit. The city is full of history, as it was founded in the mid 18th century, at the start of our country. Walking thru downtown, you’ll find statues, parks, old buildings, and a deep culture that enlightens visitors with where we’ve come from.

Enjoyment Score: 8/10

Submitted by: Brandon Durgan

Sedona, AZ, USA


The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. The giant rock formations that make up the landscape, radiate a deep spectrum of red and orange during sunrise and sunset. A perfect place for the outdoorsy type. Lots of good hiking, biking, camping and photo opportunities.

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by Brandon Durgan

Milwaukee, WI, USA


Milwaukee is not quite the cultural hub of Wisconsin I expected it to be. On a positive note, the downtown area is being rejuvenated, and there are some real bright spots like the stunning art museum, the public market, and some great brewpubs.

Enjoyment Score: 5/10

Submitted by: Geographic Designer


New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


I’ve been to Nola several times and it’s always an amazing experience.  Whether you’re there for Mardi Gras, Jazzfest, or just a regular Wednesday there’s always a party.  There’s so much history, culture, and great food that there’s something for everyone even if you’re not the “party crowd.”  It’s one of America’s greatest cities.

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by: Mags