Fes, Morocco


Fes is a hidden pearl where an ancient culture is persevered and not as influenced by tourism as the more common tourist destinations. Getting lost amongst the narrow labyrinth-like streets of the old medina is an unforgettable experience. You have everything in Fes, vibrant markets, delicious food, beautiful architecture, the sun and a culture like nothing else. I fell in love with the Moroccan vibes, and I bet you will too!

Enjoyment Score: 9/10

Submitted by RoomForClara


La Gomera, Canary Islands


La Gomera is a beautiful island and the majority of it untouched by tourism. If you’re a seafood connoisseur and looking to get away from it all then this is a grand choice. It’s beneficial that you rent a car if you are the type that likes to explore but it’s not essential with buses and taxis running regularly.

Enjoyment Score: 8/10

Submitted by: Caleb Groeneweg