Bilbao, Spain


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Bilbao after hearing so-so comments from other travelers, but as always I went with an open mind. I got lucky with beautiful weather and ended up meeting some really nice locals, so I have to say it beat my expectations! The Guggenheim is really impressive, both the building and the exhibits I saw. Walking along the river lined with huge green trees you can’t help but be happy. Plenty of outdoor cafes to enjoy. Driving is tricky, the streets are a set of windy one-ways, but I managed! In the end I wished I had more time to spend there.

Enjoyment Score: 7/10

Submitted by awogoes


Reykjavik, Iceland


Another adventurer’s dream. There are so many unique hikes and sights to see in Iceland. Also, the city of Reykjavic is cool, modern, walker friendly, and lively at night. We also loved the Blue Lagoon!

Enjoyment Score: 7/10

Submitted by Justin