Hong Kong (China)


Hong Kong is more than a big city. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the beaches, the mountainous terrain and the villages you’ll find in the rural areas of this fabulous place. If you want good food, cultural sites to fill two weeks easy, and beautiful weather – YOU MUST VISIT!

Enjoyment Score: 10/10

Submitted by Caleb Groeneweg


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong (China)

  1. one thing wrong in a title – Hong Kong is NOT China. The simplest way to tell the difference is when you travel to China you need a visa, to HK you have visa-free entrance ;) not to mention other differences :)

    • Yes, good eye :) You are correct. My formatting might be misleading you though. If it’s in a country, I format like this, “Rome, Italy” but if it’s a semi-autonomous state, I format like this, “Hong Kong (China)” or “Greenland (Denmark)”. All of my research says that Hong Kong has special autonomous rights given to them by China, but they are not an independent nation.

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